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What’s Been Going On Lately…

Lately, I’ve been setting up interviews, performances, video shoots and photo shoots to keep you all posted and up to date as to what’s going on in LuMi’s world 😉 Musically, I’m about to drop the single “Wanted Me Ft. Marc Law” and “Party Girl” Ft. Ashley Mar Shell. I’m also finishing up on my self-titled album: LuMi’ Naughty: A New Breed of female Emcee. I’m so excited and looking forward to seeing and meeting all my fans. This is a whole New beginning on the next step up! (To the top we go). Without my fans and support base I wouldn’t have been able to get this far, I can’t thank you all enough. I love you all by my side.”

I have some more news, I’m partnering up with one of my good “FEMcees” (Female Emcee) Coco Filipina of and we’re throwing exclusive parties throughout the triangle! Bringing a whole NEW FEEL to partying. Be on the look out for “Something Different Mondays” and “Naughty Paughty’s” Check us out on FB for the party links and info. (Oh and please stay posted on my shows and performances – click here). You don’t want to miss out!

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