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LuMi’: How are all of you doing?! well I’m doing great, here working on new music and putting these plans in motion. Before I get into detail I want to take a moment to thank all those who nominated me for this year’s 5th Annual Carolina Music Awards for “Hip Hop Female.” I appreciate everyone of you! Now as a NOMINEE, we’re on to the NEXT ROUND 😉 … I need VOTES from all my supporters, fans and friends. The link is, voting ends July 6th. Please take a moment and vote show luv, AMOR is my motto! Oh and thank you to all those who came out and showed love at my performances.

I’m currently working on my single “Wanted Me” Ft. Marc Law and my album (can’t say the title because i’m still contemplating on it 😉 On top of that we’re working on a monster collab featuring: Kera Jo, Ashley Mar Shell, Ladii Pink, Valentina and yours truly (Four of which are Carolina Music Award Nominees). We’re combining forces along with Dox Kingdom Productions and showing the world that “power comes in numbers.” We’re going to send out a message like no other… get ready for this one.

As for the long waited for music video, (lol) … my bad, it’ll be done sometime this summer, I will keep you posted I PROMISE! =-)

Make sure you register on my site for latest updates, performances and contests. (Plus I can actually email you guys and let you know what’s going on). Well it was nice chatting with you all, but it’s time for me to get in the lab and make these bangers! luv ya! Xoxo LuMi’ 😉

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