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satisfactions promoAfter months of anticipation and tease, LuMi has finally announced the release date for her upcoming album, $ATI$FACTION$: October 29th 2015!

We are hosting a PRIVATE listening party to premier her upcoming album $ATI$FACTION$. We’re calling all Radio, Bloggers, Magazines, Vloggers, and Djs! If you would like to attend the PRIVATE release / listening party email me here. This is an event you do not want to miss!

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  1. That’s was up. My homegirl finally got her EP….can’t wait to hear it 🙂

    Lumi, I remember when you was like 15 all shy and stuff in The Jas Chamber back in the days….lol
    But look at you now…on your way to the top like how is meant to be. A star shinning bright on the universe because they say sky is the limits but I think it goes much further then that. I wish you much success and see you at the top…soon.

    Oh yeah, we coming with that Good Money, Blue Money(Remix) feat. Lumi…………..shhhh!

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