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6th Annual Carolina Music Awards Nominations Begin Midnight March 4th!
Lumi CMA 2012

I’M SO EXCITED! =-) Nominations are right around the corner and I’m asking all of my supporters and fans to help me out on this one. As of MARCH 4TH the race is on. First is the nominations round and once the nominees are chosen (BASED ON FAN/SUPPORTER NOMINATIONS), we move on to the VOTING round. I have 100% faith in my supporters, and I feel safe to say “I’m Claiming this win.” I just want to say thank you for joining me on my journey towards success, and pushing me in that direction. Without my support system I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. I appreciate each, and everyone of you. I will continue to push forward, and not let ANY of you down. We will utilize music and inspire others as a LuMinary. Together we can unite and make a difference in our communities, schools, and the lives of others. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize, and make it happen! Thank you!

The Carolina Music Awards will be held at the Progress Energy Performing Arts Center on July 6, (my Birthday celebration!) Also, one of the locations for Carolina Music Awards pre-event is at the amazing luxurious “Zinda,” (Raleigh, NC). Special thanks to Amanda Manares for the wonderful pre-event in the works, Omar McCallop (CM Awards founder), my loyal and GO HARD FANS, SUPPORTERS, and my team! This pre-event is going to be for CM Award Winners, VIPs and Sponsors ONLY. GET READY!

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